group classes for all levels 

Group Class Cards

Vinyasa & Blended Yoga

Students who have been practicing yoga and have a basic understanding of vinyasa flow and breath are encouraged to move into fuller, more challenging expressions of the postures to increase flexibility, mobility and other benefits.

Flow/Essential Oils Flow Blends the best of both words : This moderatedly paced vinyasa class ebbs and flows rhythmically, weaving strength and stretch with plenty of opportunites to explore and create space or to linger to find stillness. Feel refreshed, uplifted, reset and relaxed. Essential Oils Flow incorporates aromatherapy and information about the diffused oil used during the practice.

GentleFlow Slow Flow is just that: a vinyasa Flow class focused on breathing and alignment. Let yourself slow down and focus inward... Take your time to unravel from your day, settle deeper into each movement and feel incredibly relaxed. Enjoy the calm and open slowly.

GentleCoreRestore Blends a core and alignment focused gentle Hatha (not vinyasa flow) practice with Restorative, included guided meditation, breath work and the energeic healing power of Reiki.

Parent & Baby Yoga

Our postnatal vinyasa class will gently help recondition the postpartum body and create physical, mental and emotional ease and confidence as you reconnect with your own self and your baby. In this sacred, nurturing environment moms can "take a break" to reset and focus on themselves, interact with other like-minded moms and bond with their little one. Learn simple and effective techniques for baby such as massage to comfort and aid in digestion/trapped air, gentle stretches and calming cradling holds. Mommies and babies alike will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and restored! Dads and caretakers welcome. Baby ages : up to early crawlers at mom's discresion.