"As one of Michelle's yoga students over the past year, I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor. I really enjoy Michelle's yoga methods, contagious positive energy and soothing practice. She has quickly become one of my favorite teachers and I am sure any beginner or advanced student alike will learn much from her. Michelle is well versed in the details of pose and I learn something new each class a sure sign of a great teacher. Our Monday night Relax class is something I look forward to every week. Michelle is super!"

Jersey City, NJ

"Michelle is an amazing instructor. She's passionate about yoga and about sharing her passion and knowledge with the students. Michelle takes the time to focus on each student's individual needs and sets a very open and comfortable environment in class. I always leave class feeling invigorated and refreshed. I highly recommend her class to students of all level."

Jersey City, NJ

"I love Michelle's Mommy & Baby class. It's so useful to be able to bring the little one! She's uber accommodating as babies can be unpredictable and even has a few moves / poses that can be done while nursing!! I would recommend it to anyone — and the bonus is that my baby seems to sleep really well just after the class :)"

Nicole D.
Jersey City, NJ

"Michelle has such a warm and cheerful personality, she puts you at ease right away. The classes are a healing, soothing and a fun experience. The first few minutes [of Pre/postnatal] are meant for connecting and sharing with all other mommies and mommy-to-be's which gives you such a peace of mind and companionship. This is followed by yoga modified for our abilities under the guidance of Michelle. Her humor, combined with her knowledge of the different asanas/poses, can help alleviate lower back pains and other pregnancy related aches makes you come back for more every week. She keeps us motivated yet lets us find our own comfort zones and go with the flow. Michelle's yoga classes are a boon for me and helping me a lot in my pregnancy. I highly recommend Michelle Timek's Pre/postnatal class for all expecting mommies!"

Shivani M.
Jersey City, NJ

"I've searched for my ideal yoga teacher around the world for five years and have finally found her! Michelle Timek is lovely, immensely talented and simply amazing. She is a teacher that is supportive of beginners yet can challenge the most hardcore Yogi pro; someone who radiates a soothing calm energy into your practice (and your whole day!) Michelle has an energizing edge to her; she focuses entirely on YOU whether it is a group class or a private one-on-one (I've done both with her) and a teacher who genuinely cares about your body and well-being, for whom this job is clearly a passion.

Michelle’s thorough yoga expertise and kind character will stand out from the first time you immerse yourself into a practice with her. She will help you focus emotionally, to let go of your daily stress and will gently assist you in the poses. Michelle is great at guiding you to breath deeply, which helps calm my racing thoughts and get back in touch with my body. We work on a level that is comfortable yet challenging so I feel toned and stretched. Her classes feel approachable and not like a competitive workout. This is why Michelle is especially gifted to teach beginners — she just makes it so accessible! I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as the ideal yoga teacher. Dedicating that one hour or more per week to yourself, balancing your life and body with yoga is absolutely worth it and Michelle is certainly the best person I can imagine to lead me on my yogic journey."

Jersey City, NJ

"I have been working with Michelle on a weekly basis for several years now, and she is a wonderful yoga instructor. Michelle is a people person with a generous spirit. She brings a cheerful energy to class, and challenges her students without pushing them too far. I am a yoga novice with a weight lifting background, so flexibility is not my forte, but I work at it. Michelle understands my current limitations, and has suggested a variety of techniques to help me overcome them. As a result, I have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time in the Energy class. While increased flexibility has been my main goal, Michelle has also helped me with breath work, balance and relaxation. No matter how hard I push myself in Michelle's class, I always feel relaxed and refreshed when the class concludes. Thanks, Michelle!"

David Murray
Jersey City, NJ

"I highly recommend Michelle's classes. She is super knowledgeable, incredibly friendly, warm, and welcoming. I regularly attend the Energy class and it is a WORKOUT. She works with everyone's experience levels; providing guidance and alternatives for everything we do. She pushes us — but with a smile and laughter the whole time. I leave every class feeling fantastic and looking forward to the next one. So grateful to have her here in my 'hood doing what she loves and sharing it with us!"

Jersey City, NJ

"I have participated in a semi-private group class taught by Michelle since 2010. Michelle's yoga class is fantastic! It has been a wonderful journey doing yoga with her and other girls. Michelle offers excellent instruction and really cares about each student's individual needs. The classes are challenging and invigorating but also relaxing and calming. I walked into her class stressed out, and walked out feeling much more calm and serene. I also love Michelle's fun personality. She is full of humor and energy. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to begin yoga for the first time, or an advanced student who is looking for a new, unique yoga experience."

Jersey City, NJ

"I've been working with Michelle for almost a year now and she has been a great yoga instructor. For years I've been struggling to practice yoga consistently and now I look forward to her class every week. She is always enthusiastic, patient and most importantly, willing to tailor the class to what her students want to work on.

Michelle always makes sure to correct everyone's form when needed and takes the time to show the class the difference between a correct and incorrect posture — which I've come to realize makes a big difference. She's constantly pushing me to do my best during her classes and always incorporates something new in each class. I highly recommend Michelle!"

Jersey City, NJ

"I was a beginner and before I started practicing private yoga with Michelle I was rather skeptical that it could help me — now I am a convert. The results have been amazing: my posture has radically improved, I don't have back pain anymore, and I find it much easier to relax both mentally and physically.

Michelle always tailors our class to my specific needs. Being a man, I sometimes need different exercise to the women in the class, and Michelle always pays attention to this. In each class she asks what my goals are for that class, and throughout she adjusts to my pace and mood. Such individualized attention has helped me enormously to improve my posture. Michelle has such an understanding and empathy for the body; she can tell instantly if I am not quite doing the posture right, and she helps me to make those minute adjustments that turn a good exercise into a great one. In the same way, if I have some particular tension, say in my shoulders, she knows just the right exercise to relieve it, and she advises me how to avoid getting the tension in the first place. Thanks to this, I have eliminated the back pain I used to have from sitting at the desk all day.

Her class always has something new: perfect relaxation or energizing work out — she varies the routine according to my needs. I was surprised that she could give me a work out almost as strong as lifting weights and still leave me with that relaxed walking-on-air yoga feeling at the end. Michelle radiates calmness and well-being. Through the class, you get to take that away into the rest of your life. Her amazing massage (Savasana) at the end of the session sets me up for the whole day."

Jersey City, NJ

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