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Partner Yoga Workshop

Thursday, February 13
7:00-8:30 pm
10 Regent St. 5th floor Event Room
Cost per couple : $60 pre-register / $65 drop-in

Short, sweet + special. You, me + yoga.

$55 for a one-on-one session either at 10 Regent Street or at your home (in downtown Jersey City). Good things don’t last forever, including this super special price for a private yoga session! Call Michelle at 201 357 7292 to schedule our session, redeemable anytime in January. Get it now thru Tuesday, 12/03 before it’s gone! Click here to purchase.




How to Avoid the Negative Energy of Other People

Great advice in the midst of holiday craze!!!! Mwa-hahahahah! My favorite is the last one : Wear a magical mirror suit so the negative person's toxic energy simply bounces back to the person and doesn't affect you at all. Now, go out there and protect your precious energy!

Winter S.A.D. Blues Be Banished!

Inversions and Meditation to Flip Your World Upside Down

Our new mini class cards have arrived!

We're so excited to get our (drum roll, please!) our new mini punch class cards in 5 and 10 session options! Now you can easily keep track of how many classes you've used. Plus, it'll feel great when you've completed your series (go you!).

91-year-old Yoga Instructor, Tao Porchon-Lynch

This yogi is truly one of my all time heroes! How many 91-years old do you know, let alone ones that are still bustin' their yoga moves, traveling all over the world to teach people the value of moving their bodies and connecting to their breath. Simply amazing.

Happy Holidays!

As always, thank you for sharing your practice with Michelle Timek Yoga.
Have a bountiful and festive holiday season into 2012!