We are the Ocean

We are the ebbs and flows of the tides. We flow through our rhythms of high tides and low tides throughout our daily cycles. Don't mess with your natural current or you may create a unnecessary storm. Instead, go with whatever is your natural flow without force, without strain. Flow with ease into your strength. Be fierce, yet gentle. Find your calm and stillness to restore so you can go back to your strength with full power to ignite your full potential. If you swim with the waves you will stay afloat; you'll be buoyant and light.

Enjoy your daily swim! xo

Acai Chia Pudding Recipe

It's quick, it's yummy, it's super powered so it's definitely worth making! This snack has just the right amount of sweetness, chew and creaminess so will surely satisfy your snack attack while giving you a supercharged boost of health benefits. Who knew one little pudding could be so packed?

150 Bay Studio Progression

Yes, it's true! We're moving (into) our new yoga studio and cannot be more thrilled at what's to come. We've been documenting our new studio process since end of May, when we first looked at the space (previously an office) and could totally envision our studio in it at 150 Bay Street, for the new permanent home of Michelle Timek Yoga(!!!). We got blueprints created and started construction all by end of July and are opening doors September 13, 2015. It's been a whirlwind of change and progress as we're growing, expanding and settling in to our new space. We've added three walls and a few doors, taken down a wall and door, repurposed a glass transum, created two individual dressing rooms, added cubby storage/wall dividers and a whole bunch of other stuff. Dan, the three cats and I moved into our separate living area (once walls were put up) in mid August and construction is nearly complete! It's been amazing to take my vision and bring it to life in our new space, our new home with exciting new beginnings ahead to offer you! Check it out : )

Free Waterfront Yoga Returns : Celebrating our 5th Season!

We can hardly believe this will be our 5th season of Free Waterfront Yoga! To make it extra wonderful this year, we'll be giving you some special wellness goodies to celebrate. Bring your friends and we'll do the yoga boogie in the sun. This will get crowded! Due to the high volume of participation (yea!) space is open to a first come, first serve availability. Be sure to get there early to get your favorite spot on the pier.

Want to be a yoga film star?

We're super excited to start filming some live yoga classes to help showcase Michelle Timek Yoga’s various offerings and would LOVE for you to be a part the action! As a ‘thank you’ for your participation, we're giving you the following classes complimentary. After all, we couldn't do this without you wonderful yogis!

My Top 8 Ways to Refresh & Feel Springy

Spring, this special time of year for rebirth, transition and starting over. You may feel anxious for your bones to finish thawing out and shed all those layers at once, but allowing this transitional process to shift naturally and gradual gives you the time and space to process, absorb then then reflect or shift physically and energetically. (How yogic is that?!) This is the best time of year to celebrate change and freshen things up in your body, home, schedule, intentions or anything else. Here's my favorite Spring refreshers that invite flow, ease and lightness.

Reset Your Clocks and You! Spring Meditation

Happy first day of Spring! Enjoy this little meditation gift from me and my friend, Vanessa Codorniu, to get you connected to the energy of the season. It's an Eclipse, Super New Moon in Pisces and Spring Equinox! Take a short break and let's go WITHIN. #springequinox

3 Simple Ways to Feel Great

Ready to come out of hibernation yet!? (I bet I know the answer!) Winter can be really tough on us — our bodies tend to get stiff, perhaps we're moving less than usual and not getting all that necessary Vitamin D (aka SUNSHINE!). Be sure to take extra good care of you during these end of winter early spring weeks when the weather starts to fluctuate.