Not Laboring on Labor Day
Written by Michelle Timek

This is what 39 weeks is looking like for me. I'm due Friday, 9.09 (that's in 4 days!!!). It's such a strange place to be suspended in, waiting for one of the biggest changes in life that can happen, yet not knowing exactly when it's coming. But I DO know, it's coming.


I can only hope this big change will help with all the respectively littler turbulents and bumps that we inevitably experience on a daily basis, because it's all about perspective and experience and how you take it all in, isn't it? It's a humbling reminder that nature is powerful and inspiring and therefore, we can be, too. Be strong, be relaxed and be with your process, where ever you are right now. It's life's greatest gift. So...Happy Labor Day, whether you're celebrating it today or in the next few days like Dan and I will be!